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Information on Registration

Thank you for your interest in Lynnfield Community Schools' Programming!
SOFA 2024 Registration
  • Registration will go live on April 1st at 9am. Mark your calendars! Some programs fill up fast. 
  • You will need to join the "SOFA Membership" in order to register for any programs.
    •  This is free for anyone registering for SOFA
    • Allows you to read and review the policies for the SOFA program and sign that you have read them 
Enrichment Program Registration
  • Filter under "Artworks"
  • You can then filter more by grade level, school, etc. 
  • Includes all after-school programs and evening programs for students in preK-grade 12.
Extended Day
  • Register your child(ren) for each day that you need BEDS, LEDS, or MSC for the upcoming session. 
  • Need to register for the current term? Reach out to the LCS staff for help.
If you need more information, please visit our website at
Have questions? Reach out to the Morgan at 781-334-5814 or by email 
We look forward to seeing you at one of our programs!

SOFA 2024 Policies